Welcome to Fact Check Kiwi.

Today is Armistice Day, and also my mother’s birthday, so a good day to kick this off.

From the day our world governments embarked on a plan to vaccinate every body on the planet, with what is still strictly speaking an experimental drug, the world’s media have almost to a tee embraced this plan, with the consequence that the independence we expect from the Fourth Estate has completely gone – disappeared, flown the coup.

However you like to put it, they appear to have either drunk of a particularly authoritarian Kool-Aid, or simply been bought. Some, like Reuters, who have their CEO Charles Smith on the Board of Directors of Pfizer, are directly linked. You cannot have the fox minding the chickens.

In additional, there have now popped up a plethora of “fact checking” websites. Some within existing mainstream media, such as the Washington Post, others like factcheck.org, which you can trace all the way back to the Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation.

Daily we see disinformation promulgated through our mainstream media, and anything contrary is labelled misinformation. So the idea for Fact Check Kiwi came from the perception that these organisations needed to themselves be fact checked. What’s good for the goose …

So off we go, we are not sure where it will end up, but please join us for the ride, and if anyone want to help, please either make a small donation, or join the team to keep up with the massive job of fact checking our media, politicians, and scientists.


Simon Dawe
Editor in Chief
Fact Check Kiwi