Does the use of the name ‘vaccine’ guarantee social good?


I spent this afternoon browsing the numerous reports and videos on the internet of harm from mRNA and DNA covid vaccines. If you have been there, you will no doubt agree that they are harrowing.


Many of us have friends who have been on the receiving end. It was particularly noteworthy that in most cases the attending physician showed little interest in the problem or had no idea what might be done to alleviate it. The level of adverse effects from the mRNA vaccines in New Zealand appear to be as much as 50 times greater than the most dangerous of traditional vaccines. Their intensity can be devastating for some and even fatal in cases. Are such adverse events just the sad but inevitable consequence of promoting a social good or could some people be misinforming us or even be at fault?


It was a ‘never again’ situation.

My wife’s sister died after vaccination years ago, something my mother in law has never forgotten. Medical misadventure has a long history. In the 1950s the prescription of thalidomide to pregnant women suffering from morning sickness affected 10,000 babies, half of whom died. It took five long years to find out the source of the birth defects and deaths. It was a ‘never again’ situation. As a result, reporting of adverse effects was facilitated and widened. Drug testing was extended in scope and duration. Drugs marketed to pregnant women had to have evidence of safety during pregnancy. It was expected that doctors would be fully informed of side effects and share information so that they could protect their patients.

Thalidomide has faded in the public memory and the drug safety net instituted after the tragedy no longer seems so immediate. The regulations and safeguards in New Zealand have drifted in their impact.


Five factors particularly affect our capacity to patrol the safety of vaccines:


1. In 2004 ACC minister Ruth Dyson removed the requirement to find who or what was at fault before a patient subject to medical misadventure could claim ACC compensation. Bronwyn Howell writing in the Victoria University Law Review offered the opinion that this removed incentives to either medical practitioners, their patients, or third party administrative agents, to take appropriate levels of care to avoid mistakes and identify causes.

2. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability in New Zealand and most other countries. They are exempt from civil and criminal action. It is probable that such a guarantee formed a part of our government’s agreement with Pfizer.

3. Reporting of adverse effects from vaccination is not mandatory in New Zealand. This appears to be because prior to covid vaccines testing regimes were lengthy and the adverse effect profile was small and well understood. This is not the case with covid vaccines which have emergency approval only after short trials.

4. A dangerous criteria is being used by Medsafe to categorise most of the numerous reported adverse reactions to covid vaccines as ‘unrelated’ or ‘unresolved’. Medsafe will only accept adverse reactions as ‘related’ if there is an ‘accepted’ mechanism to connect the specifics of the adverse reaction with our very limited and nascent understanding of what an mRNA vaccine might cause (more on this in my next post). This has meant that the growing tsunami of adverse reactions can be safely ignored, leaving vaccine recipients uniformed of significant risks. This is precisely the mistake that was made in the case of thalidomide, a mistake that led to a disaster.

5. Finally, parliament and the government have no liability for mistakes except at the ballot box, while citizen rights inscribed in the NZ Bill of Rights are advisory only and are seldom enforceable in the courts.

So tough luck anyone who thinks the law is on their side, it has been emasculated.

I have written several times to government and their advisors and formally asking for an explanation of why the prolific adverse reactions are being ignored, the silence has been deafening. Our medical system is asleep at the wheel relying on the comforting use of the word ‘vaccine’.

Meanwhile the latest UK health service data confirms that immunity from vaccination wanes sharply. Moreover the figures feed a suspicion that there are long term detrimental effects of covid vaccines on health which need to be investigated. It’s a loud wake up call, but one our government would rather ignore. They are planning to lock up the unvaccinated and allow the vaccinated to roam freely.



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