New Zealand Teachers Take Case to High Court


NZTSOS Inc., is not anti-vax, and we will stand with the teachers, families and communities affected by the consequences of this forced vaccination mandate.  

NZTSOS members were very disappointed to learn today of the outcome of their High Court  Case seeking Judicial Review on the very damaging Mandatory Vaccination Health Order.  However, members have unanimously expressed their determination to press forward with the next stage of action.

Kiwi’s should now be concerned that the New Zealand Bill of Rights can be set aside anytime the Government of the day chooses. How is that possible?” said Mike Shaw Spokesperson for NZTSOS Inc.


Human Rights Commission

COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary and vaccines may not be forcibly administered." NZ Human Rights Commission Aug 2021





Press Release 8th November 2021


New Zealand is on the edge of a major educational crisis come the 16th November.

Newly formed NZTSOS Inc., a large group of pro-choice education professionals will be taking legal action against the Mandatory Vaccination Order in the High Court tomorrow, 10am, Monday 8. November 2021. This is in an effort to stop the No Vaccination, No Job for those affected in the vast field of education across New Zealand.

NZTSOS spokesperson Mike Shaw said, “New Zealand is on the edge of an educational crisis as thousands of teachers in schools and ECE, principals, education support workers, wellbeing staff, afterschool care staff, grounds staff, coaches, and administrators will be forced to leave their job and the craft they love come the 16th November. This Government has totally underestimated the groundswell of resistance to their strong-arm tactics and they have wrongly assumed that we educators are on board with their agenda”.

He went on to say; “We are fortunate to have a very experienced legal team leading the charge tomorrow in the High Court in Wellington, and we are determined to hold our ground and not be forced out of our jobs”. A decision on stage one of the case is expected before the end of the week.
NZTSOS Inc., though established only 16 days ago, has amassed 2200 Facebook followers with more being added daily. The NZTSOS Administration Team report huge interest from educators, vaccinated and unvaccinated, enquiring about membership. The numbers are growing by the hour as people come to hear of their stand on behalf of educators. The Incorporated Society also recently trended on Give a Little page as funds poured in for the legal fees.

“There is significant interest in the outcome of the case tomorrow, as educators around the country are hoping for some relief from this disastrous vaccination order”, said Mike Shaw. He went on to say, “We understand there will be members and supporters at the High Court in Wellington tomorrow morning and others watching on-line”.

For further enquiries or comment, please contact Anne Williamson, 0275 772946.

Anne Williamson, Media Liaison Officer, NZTSOS Inc.